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KinderGym Newsletter - Term 4 2020

Welcome to all our families for term 4 and our brand-new term theme….…BLAST OFF INTO SPACE!!!!

But before we do, we have to learn to be Astronauts, training our bodies to spin, have control with hand/eye/foot coordination and balance. We’ll look into what feelings we might feel when we go to space…nervous, excited, scared…? When is it the right time to launch….a sunny day? Rainy or windy? Learn how to fly our Rocket and count down backwards from 10…ready to blast off into to space!! What we will see up in space? The moon….stars……planets…….can you name the planets? And before we know it we are flying back home to earth to celebrate Christmas.

Also, this term we will be celebrating KinderGym’s 40th birthday! KinderGym was founded by a steering committee led by Dr Carol Pinnock who was inspired by a movement program she attended with her son for pre-schoolers in Berkley, California. The first program was pioneered in Adelaide in 1980 (catered for 47 children), with considerable support from the community and all allied services…… KinderGym grew quickly (now over 40,000 Australia wide)!

We look forward to welcoming you to our Kindergym…………..and to SPACE!!!


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